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Frequently Asked Questions

We aim to provide you with all the necessary info you need for a smooth transport. 

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Do you transport large 5th wheel campers?
Absolutely. We are able to skillfully transport fifth wheel campers of any size and weight. In fact, we prefer towing fifth wheel campers and trailers for a number of reasons, but mostly safety. A fifth wheel connection is used on large semi trucks and is known in the hauling industry as the most reliable, safest, and secure connection out of all other methods.

Do you transport vehicles?
We no longer transport vehicles. As a small, family-owned business, we were finding it increasingly difficult to compete with the larger semi trucks capable of carrying nine vehicles at once. Our rates were simply falling out of line from customer expectations, and so we've discontinued vehicle transports for the time being.

Will my trailer be insured while in transport?
Yes, we carry year-round commercial insurance that provides coverage at $1,000,000 liability, and $100,000 cargo coverage. Should you need a higher level of coverage, just let us know so we can accommodate. 

Do you require a deposit or payment up front?
We will never ask for payment up front. Payment will only be collected once we've delivered and completed the job. No deposit is required if your scheduled delivery date is within a 30 day window of accepting our quote. We require a 10% deposit on transports scheduled 30 days or more from the original scheduled delivery date. This is to ensure that we can accommodate your schedule and guarantee your delivery dates. Deposits are 100% refundable up until 14 days prior to your original scheduled delivery date, after which deposits are non-refundable.

How do I know if my trailer is road-worthy or not?
Your trailer will need to be in road-worthy condition before we can transport it. It will need valid plates and tags, all lights must work, the brakes must function, and tires must be in good condition. Give us a call if you're unsure or have any questions.

Do you look over my trailer before transporting?
We will perform a pre-trip inspection of the trailer before we hit the road. It is our goal to be 100% safe and reliable while on the road with your equipment. If we feel your trailer is unsafe and may become a liability, we may ask that the issues are addressed before we leave.

What happens if you damage my trailer in transport?
In the unlikely event that we damage your trailer, we will make it 100% right. This is non-negotiable in our book. 

What happens if my trailer has a flat tire or other mechanical issue during transport?
You are responsible for any repairs associated with a flat tire or other mechanical issue. We are mechanically inclined and able to handle most repairs on the road. While we do our best to look over your trailer before and during transport, we cannot be held responsible for the condition of your trailer.

What happens if wind, hail, lightning, or a tree falls on my trailer?
There are things we can prevent, and there are things out of our control. We always keep a close eye on the weather forecast, and combined with our years of transporting experience, we know when it's safe to be on the road and when it's not; however, natural events are completely out of our control, and are considered by most insurance companies as "Acts of God." In the unfortunate instance that wind, hail, lightning, or any other natural occurrence damages your trailer, we are not responsible for repairs.

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