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About Me


Hello! My name is Grayson, owner and operator of Zeppelin Transport. Established March 2020. Based in Colorado Springs, CO.

I've lived in beautiful Colorado Springs since I was 2 years old. I love everything about the mountains, from snowboarding, hiking, camping, four-wheeling, to just feeling that good ole mountain air. I don't know that I could ever move away from Colorado. We have two dogs, Zoey and Oscar, and two cats, Margo and Zelda. Needless to say, the vacuum stays busy.

When you contact Zeppelin Transport, you'll reach me personally every time. 

My Story
COVID took a serious toll on our family finances, but we still needed to put food on the table. After a bit of research and looking at all options, I decided to get into transportation. At the time, all I had was an old 1999 Sierra 1500 with over 250,000 miles. Of course, this wasn't going to get it done for long, so I decided to do a "test run" before investing into a proper truck. A few days after looking for hauls, I put together a list of transports taking me around the country. My test run included transporting a purple Harley Davidson motorcycle, my truck cab stocked full of boxes of hand sanitizer, and a turbocharged engine on a pallet. That took me down to Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Louisiana, then back home to Colorado. It was a huge change of pace for me, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. When I got back home, I immediately started looking for a truck specifically for starting my new venture. I purchased a 2015 Silverado 3500, and the rest is history!


Why hauling and transportation?
I have always loved towing and hauling. There's just something raw and mechanical that I enjoy about it. I worked as an elevator technician for a number of years where I towed 10,000 - 15,000 lbs. of elevator equipment up and down I-70 in all the glorious weather that the Rocky Mountains has to offer. I loved it, and I gained a lot of experience towing in all sorts of conditions over the years. I believe in doing what you enjoy, so it was a natural transition to gravitate towards hauling and transportation. 

How many employees work at Zeppelin Transport?

Since March 2020, we've gone from a solo operation, to a full-time 5 man crew, and then back to solo operations. Why full circle? I quickly realized the most important thing to me was ensuring I could provide customers with a great experience, from start to finish. As an individually owned and operated transport company, I'm able to focus more on the customer experience and personal touch.

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